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Flying Lessons

Work Description

Flying Lessons, 2012, watercolor and collage, 11″ x 15″

This piece I made for my dad for his birthday. One of the contributions to my depression was my parent’s divorce at 16. I have struggled for years with forgiveness, resentment and anger and being ok, even though I have felt abandoned at times, especially as a teenager. The background was an attempt to convince myself that I am ok. I painted it about a month before I decided to use it as the background for my dad’s piece. When his birthday came around (I usually don’t buy gifts for people), I saw this picture in a photo album, and remembered how my dad always told me to follow my dreams. He supported and encouraged me through all my aspirations, inspirations, and lofty goals. Once he even took me to New York to try and become a model. He co-signed my loan to go to art school. He has flown all over the country to watch me swim. He always tells me to do my best. He taught me how to fly. I love you, dad.

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